We offer a simple way to improve your daily success with sports betting with the help of data. Stop spending many hours analysing statistics and results, let one of our Bet-Systems do this for you! Read a little bit about our Bet-Systems and sign up for an individual newsletter to always get the latest predictions of your choice.

Is your service/the newsletter for free?

Yes! All information you see here including the newsletter-service are without charge.


How do your Bet-Systems and predictions work?

They all work as described in the Bet-Systems section.


Some Bet-System only have a low success-rate, why should I even be interested in this kind of information?

The predictions made by the Bet-Systems are only representing statistical data. Your decision to place a bet, should always take the betting quote into account. As a simple example: Lets say Bet-System-A offers a 50% success rate. In that case you should make sure that the betting quote you get is at least 2, to justify the risk of betting.


What sports and leagues are you concentrating on?

Currently the data being used bases on Bundesliga 1 & 2, Premier League and the Primera Division.


What amount of data are you using to calculate the overall statistic?


From the leagues mentioned above were taking into account all seasons from 2010/2011 until today.


Are you going to add new Bet-Systems form time to time?

Yes! On a regular basis we will offer surveys where the community can vote for the idea they like the most.


I have a good idea for a Bet-System, could you implement it?

Definitely! If we like your idea we will try to implement it to offer the best Bet-Systems available for everyone.

Do you missing some key-information? Let us know!