Bet-Systems are simple algorithms to produce outcome-predictions with the help of statistics. An example would be:

Bet-System-A predicts in a football-match, that every Team wins, which has won 3 out of the 5 last games, while the opponent only won a maximum of 1 out of 5.

On you can see the success-rate of these simple algorithms and also the next predictions due to this Bet-System. Instead of looking for the same patterns manually over and over by yourself, our Bet-Systems calculate the value of this algorithm and also provides you with the next predictions. This way you will never miss a good bet-opportunity according to your taste!

Please notice that we only consider Bet-Systems, which produce (season-length / 2) predictions per season! So if your league has 34 playdays, the average amount of predictions have to be above 17.

You have a good idea about an Bet-System? Dont hesitate to tell us, we are happy to implement your idea and share the outcome with everyone who is interested!




The PointDifference-System predicts a winning team, when in an upcoming match there is a bigger point difference, which is greater or equal than 23 points. Read more.

(~21 predictions per season)


Last season: 71,3% 
(122 predictions)


FormDifference 70,5%
Takes a look at the form of both teams. Will take into account the last 8 games and predict a match if there is a form-difference greater or equal than 80
Form is calculated with: win=20 ; draw=10 ; loss=0

(~19 predictions per season) 


Last season: 66,6%

(78 predictions)




83,2% with X(1/2)

The DynamicPointDifference-System predicts a winning team, when in an upcoming match there is a bigger point difference, which is greater or equal than the current playday-number. Read more.

(~58 predictions per season) 


Last season: 64,7%

(221 predictions)